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Hi! My name is Riley. I live in LA. I am a film-enthusiast and as a college student, I have a tight budget. However, this doesn't stop me from exploring the city I love. Finding the free, somewhat affordable, and unique is my thing. 


My friends and family often ask me to share where and why I go to the places that I post on my Instagram. After tons of procrastination, I finally gave in and decided to document my Los Angeles experiences on this blog! 


I'm keeping it short and simple, leaving some of the fun left for you to discover! My goal is to keep the places I go limited to free, inexpensive or nearly free. Enjoy! 

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“You can travel for miles and never leave L.A.” -- Michelle Schocked

Artwork by Sydney Beres

About Me

When I am not pursuing my acting, filmmaking/editing dreams or running my non-profit (bio), I'm just a girl who wants to get out and explore this amazing city.  Living on a tiny budget is my reality, but I never let that hold me back from having fun!  I am always looking for things to do that don't break the bank or offer a new perspective of LA.  Join me and discover LA on the cheap. 


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