Soap Plant Wacko

Why I Love It

It started as a family manufacturing their own soaps, but over time they have expanded it to include an eclectic gift shop and a unique art gallery. Besides the part novelty, part bookstore and handmade soaps, they have a FREE art gallery in the back of the store. The exhibits change out every few months or so, but they all share a theme of unique, strange, beautiful and strangely captivating. My favorite so far has been tons of hand-drawn coasters and the Tiki art exhibit.

What's Nearby

One of my favorite eating spots, Homestate is literally right across the street. Also, a great Goodwill is it's neighbor. Feel like driving a mile down the road, you can hit up other fun and affordable spots in Los Feliz - Skylight Books, Tacos Tu Madre, Barnsdall Park, to name a few. The list is long.


If you have any shopping bags or backpacks, you have to check them in at the counter. They will give you a ticket for reclaiming your items when you done. Plan on at least an hour in the store, seriously, before you know it you are inexplicably drawn into lotion sampling, art exhibits, the hallway, the clearance section. Free street parking can be found as well as metered parking.

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