Alfred's Tea Room

Why I Love It

An incredibly aesthetically pleasing little shop off Melrose Place, this tea room is everything you could dream for tea on the go. Tucked in a little alleyway, the tea room is full of life and the perfect place to stop and get a refresher. My favorite? The Signature Pink Drink!

Don't like tea? They have a coffee house just one block-walk away!

What's Nearby

Go on a Sunday for the best experience! Melrose Place holds a Farmers Market with various vendors every Sunday from 10am-2pm. Just down Melrose is the Melrose Trading Post with even more shopping options, food and music (see more here).


Parking is tricky! It's best to find a spot on the side streets above Melrose Place. One block down into the neighborhood and you'll find street parking that isn't "permit only."

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